Public and journalist concerns about the independence of the press

Free and pluralistic media are the backbone of our democratic societies. Without quality media, public debate cannot flourish. That’s why we need to ensure that journalists can do their jobs in full freedom. press_freedom Europe’s citizens must be able to trust in the independence of the press if our democracies are to function properly. The widespread online hate speech revealed by our Eurobarometer survey highlights the impact of abuse and threats against journalists and new media actors. This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Citizens need to feel safe expressing themselves in the online environment and journalists must be able to go about their work free of interference. The Commission will look into the protection of journalists’ sources and the whistleblowing rules in the EU. Press is Free? A majority of respondents do not believe that their national media are free from political or commercial pressure; believe their national media is providing trustworthy information; think that levels of trust in the media are lowest among the least well off and least educated…

Promouvoir le pluralisme des médias et la démocratie: Préoccupations du grand public et des journalistes concernant l’indépendance de la presse

Pluralisme van de media en democratie stimuleren : Zorgen van bevolking en journalisten over de onafhankelijkheid van de pers

Förderung von Medienvielfalt und Demokratie: Öffentlichkeit und Journalisten sorgen sich um Unabhängigkeit der Presse



A converged media environment:
Challenges and opportunities for our democratic societies

Free media and a plurality of voices in society and in the media are indispensable preconditions of, and essential safeguards for a healthy democracy. Freedom of expression and media freedom and pluralism are enshrined in Article 11 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of the European Union.

They are at the core of the basic democratic values on which the Union is founded1. The importance of these basic tenets is further underlined by the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline, adopted in 20142.

In light of the importance of media plurality and freedom, the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers commissioned the following Eurobarometer survey to explore citizen’s opinions about the
diversity of views available in the media, and their perceptions of media independence. In particular, the survey covers the following areas:
Views about the variety of opinions and views presented in the media;

§ Perceptions of the independence of both the general and public service media;

§ Trust in the information provided by the media;

§ Awareness of the national media regulator, and opinions about its independence;

§ Participation in debates on social media;

§ Online encounters with hate speech and threats, and the influence this has on participation.

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